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Antonin Lapiche

Product Experience

I’m a Product Experience Manager at UnitedHealth Group. I care a lot about solving impactful problems for people like you and me. I've seen a lot products built only because they could be. I see technology being an enabler for solutions but I don't always see technology being the solution itself. This paradigm is why I came to love design. Not just pixelpushing, but creating consistent experiences with a purpose.

My commitment: to help anyone trying to solve a problem use design to make informed decisions in the future.

Like most Designers, I learn from my environment and experiment to move forward. I like to move fast and that's why my developer's skills are so useful.

Unlike most Designers, I'm a very scrappy person (in the good way). I always come up with cheap and efficient ways of tackling a challenge or applying a method. This is great when it comes to prototyping or when resources are tight!

Oh and also, I love GIFs, so feel free to send me some!

Applying Design Thinking to office space redesign

We spend about 8 hours per day at our office. Office spaces are often built to optimize how many employees we can fit in a hundred square feet. They are rarely designed as a way to help us focus and achieve more.

I applied Design Thinking method to transform a small and noisy Phone Booth Room into a quiet and warm place to keep focus. I conducted the entire project myself from research to prototyping and testing. I was mentored by a seasoned designer.

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Helping you to find and buy smart devices compatible with Amazon Alexa

Shopping online for smart devices can be a real hassle for non tech-savvy people. Information overload, tech lingo and never ending product lists make it hard to make an informed purchase decision. How do we allow shoppers to find and buy smart home devices compatible with Alexa?

I used Amazon as my reference point. I compared the usability of the shopping experiences for smart devices. I mapped out the conceptual models of the different categories of information. I then sketched and prototyped a revamped product page.

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Captain Feedback

Captain feedback is a Slack bot that facilitates quick structured micro-feedback in teams.

In a team of 4, I co-founded Captain Feedback as an experiment around conversational interfaces. I turned the prototype into a full-fledged product being used on a weekly basis. My main contribution was on designing and implementing the “personality” of the bot (features, tone of voice and responses).

Informing the users about how to use an application for the first time is hard. Doing so using a conversational interface is even harder. You can only prompt so much information.

I integrated user survey as part of the conversational interface to confirm the on-boarding problem. I then changed the on-boarding process to make sure new users understood the value of the application and how to use it.

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Design Sprints for an incumbent

Collaborating as a team to solve a big problem is usually not an easy exercise. Even less a fun one. Let’s face it: most of us work in an environment that was not designed to function that way. This is why I decided to run Design Sprints: 5 days of intense collaborative work to solve a big problem using Design Thinking methods.

With one colleague, I prepared and facilitated a full 5-day Design Sprint. I reached out to Design Sprint experts, prepared all the logistics and made the agenda for the sprint. I invited experts to give us more information about the problem space. I facilitated the sprint and I recruited and conducted 5 usability interviews to test our prototype.

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The Silicon Valley Stable

The Silicon Valley Stable is a fun quiz with GIFs, Silicon Valley stereotypes and a bunch of unicorns and other ponies.

In a team of 2, I’ve led the full product design, implementation and launch of the web application. The product was the substrate for a learning experiment regarding initial user acquisition.

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